by alle55


A rejection of traditional politics and mass religion are the origin of the first modernism and part of the second modernism, but a new modernism will have the added objective of re-creating the whole human being from the fragments of our 21st century Myopticon. In the simplest terms, when bankers and corporations own all the ponies in the race you do not have democracy you have corporatism. Corporatism is socialism, the two terms are interchangeable and neither have anything to do with a proletarian society. Military industrial complex and military dictatorship are exactly the same thing, that is, a corporate civil society. Central bankers and their corporations own the centre, left and right and the only politic they ever fear (past present or future) is true democratic government; for the people by the people. Central bankers and their corporations prefer monarchs and generals, totalitarian dictators and concentration camp democracy. For the past one hundred years central bankers have gone to great, usually public, expense to have socialism of the left and right destroy actual democratic republics everywhere on the planet. Military civil society is socialist and in it there are rewards, punishments and absolutely no say in government. The end of free-standing democracies marked the beginning of the central bankers war on terror and a new global police state; one tribe rule over all others.
Satan proposed that there was a gap in the middle of the stick that separated both ends from each other, that good and evil don’t touch each other or meet anywhere; that wealth creation and poverty creation are different things. Not that there were two separate sticks, that wasn’t it, but, that there was a tiny magical gap in the middle of one stick that allow the two ends to beat on each other and you. A gap that allowed for two teams of people, the heaven bound few  “Gott Mit Uns” and the corollary tormented “Satan with the rest,” down on earth. The great Satan, the Deceiver, the Accuser, the Devil, the   Dragon, the  Serpent, had pulled a fast one and you were taken in by the new world economic order. For centuries regime change and “demon possession” followed each other around employing all of the same depraved techniques of church, alien abductors and Mk Ultra. The “accuser” became the clawed tormentor, terrorist and essential right hand of one party rule. One tribe over others. The chosen few in heaven and the tormented masses below on earth, many of these in out right hell. The adversarial language (the word) or adversarial devil system allowed artificial heaven to divide all of the sacred universe by halves into ever smaller parts and control both sides of every conflict while being detached and apart when mining every last bit of every resource on earth. In this scenario the begotten son of god (humanity) dies on the cross of war every single day of every year for ever and ever amen. This for the sins of the few.

War is hell and profit when both sides are played against the middle.
Modern art and democracy were caustic to the new imperial deal.