Oil Fire

by alle55


Oil on shellac sealed %100 cotton rag paper 8″ x 10″ click to view
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Let’s say 1850 to 1950 for the sake of symmetry and call it the Oil Boom; the surplus calories of the new order; the beginning and end of modern art. The birth of Alice Liddell and the birth of oil were concurrent. Alice of “under land” and the new heaven and new earth were rushed in together in the bloodiest human experience ever known. Hundreds of millions of souls capable of self government ploughed into shallow graves to make way for the new empire that only oil could bring.


The golden dawn of an empire that could not tolerate prosperous populations going about their own business unmolested, began the process of mechanization of the new heaven in the stratosphere of wealth. A Borg that no one could resist. “The system” comprised of a perfected process repeats over and over until not a single democracy existed anywhere on earth. The extreme right and left socialist golem pincers cut off the head of every democratic republic that would not be corrupted into betraying its own population for the benefit of the “foreign investor.” The democratic nations fell, domino style, one after another thanks to corporations, industry and big banking until there were none that weren’t part of the imperial central bank system of the new empire. Having daisy chained the free republics into an abu ghraib collection of prisoners the next logical step would be, and arrived on time, the installation of a global, centralized police state. The remote surveillance drone prison guard delivers U.S. made Hellfire missiles and or U.K. made Brimstone missiles on behalf of heaven to a (prison) cell near you. So far it seems “tribal leaders” and their families are being singled out and blown to shreds, but time waits for no one to grasp the essential features of any given moment.

Whaam ka-boom.