by alle55


“The Golem and the looking glass.” Oil on shellac seal 100% cotton rag paper 8” x 10” 2013. -click to view-

In art symmetry is a simple thing, in life too perhaps, but, it was a communist mural painter, Diego Rivera, that was invited to paint murals in several locations in the USA. “In September 1930, Rivera accepted an invitation from architect Timothy L. Pflueger to paint for him in San Francisco.” Several other rich people institutions including San Francisco Stock Exchange City Club; Rockefeller Center; Detroit Institute of Arts; San Francisco Art Institute; Golden Gate International Exposition; Chicago World’s Fair, etc., were suddenly big on Rivera. I have often wondered if this well paid visit from a famous communist artist was intended to contribute to a communist scare that might aid the attempted, but failed, fascist “veterans” coup against F.D.R. in 1933. At a time when so many competent non communist American mural painters would have been standing in bread lines, why would rich folks hire and pay a royal fee to a Mexican communist artist I wondered? Wonder is the essential feature of “Wonder Land” and the “Looking Glass” I guess. The 1933 “Business” coup did, however, fit the global pattern of replacing democratic governments with hired generals and terror campaigns, because, of an implied communist threat that almost never materializes and an arms race that moves trillions of dollars from public accounts to private ones. The democratically  inclined are are “disappeared” en mass either by communists or fascists. It is a looking glass of optical isomers like ketamine. Corporatism is I mean.

Ketamine is an enantiomer and recently discovered cure for greed disorder, but the mirror that is contemporary art appears not to reflect present realities as though the present were all of the realm of vampires invisible to mirrors.

“The term chiral in general is used to describe an object that is not superposable on its mirror image. In chemistry, chirality usually refers to molecules. Two mirror images of a chiral molecule are called enantiomers or optical isomers. Pairs of enantiomers are often designated as “right-” and “left-handed.””

In politics it is a false dichotomy of left and right wing, central banker, sock puppets whose “struggle” exists only within the media theatre and the 21st. century schizoid mind. Corporatism of the left is not better than, or different from corporatism of the right as both meet in the middle and have only one very gilded head. Both are exceedingly violent forms of military management imposed on democratic populations that resist being plundered passively like Canada is.

A corporation is a wealth gathering machine, nothing else, and no amount of boondoggle or sentimentalism can hide this fact. Corporatism, is a bunch of machines working mostly in the interest of the very same small group of overly wealthy owners whose post communist weapons factories might sit idle if not for the lucky appearance of a rather peculiar set of anti democratic terrorists with odd smelling explosives.

Ketamine can cure optical isomer greed disorder or, if not cure the disorder, at least help the greedy to live normal lives by improving the balance of their brain chemistry with horse tranquillizers; a smattering of metal salts would help too I think.

What reflections will the contemporary artist bring to the hall of mirrors over next 100 years of “globalized” terror threats?