Whaam Ka-Boom

by alle55




Oil on sealed 100%  cotton rag paper 8′ X 10″ 2013

Modernist art movements had a context and in many cases a purpose other than avoiding having a purpose. Conversely many present day artistic mavericks/movements seem to have an economic purpose, wasting high-grade art materials and media play time, but not a social purpose other than covering over some architectural blunder or other.

“The period between 1890 and 1950 conventionally associated with the high tide of literary modernism witnessed two World Wars and the Great Depression, the complete collapse of three major continental European empires (the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Romanov) and the contraction of the British and French overseas empires as anti-imperial resistance movements gathered momentum across Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. During this period the USA and the Soviet Union also emerged as the decisive new twentieth-century superpowers.”

 The Secret Service Bureau, was founded in 1909, long before they flew  Francisco Franco in 1939 to start a civil war in Spain and long before the Bank of England financed his new Fascist, mass murdering, government to be; but, what was the secret? Someone knows.

The calamities between 1850 oil and 1950 atom bomb are clearly reflected in modern art works, but rarely, are today’s events visible in contemporary art with a few conspicuous exceptions from some artists who are old enough to have begun their careers as modernists. It doesn’t matter that 50% of contemporary painting looks like play therapy and I’m all for absolute freedom in the arts, including the freedom to be absolutely irrelevant, but, confess I don’t understand why an artist might actually choose a specialized academic path whose outcome would be of near zero value, economic, social, academic or otherwise. A mystery made all the more mysterious by the incredibly interesting and intriguing social world we live in being almost taboo for painters in or leaving the university/art school system. Of course complete freedom is still better that painting portraits of marriageable aristocracy, religious themes and famous battles for wealthy clients that a handful of the “lucky few” pre modern artists did .

Several people said they could smell cordite and other explosives…


The economic blockade of Republican controlled areas caused malnutrition in the civilian population. It is believed that this caused the deaths of around 25,000 people. About 3.3 per cent of the Spanish population died during the war with another 7.5 per cent being injured.

After the war it is believed that the government of General Francisco Franco arranged the executions of 100,000 (democratic) Republican prisoners. It is estimated that another 35,000 Republicans died in concentration camps in the years that followed the war.””  http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/SPcasualties.htm