by alle55

“Pennies From Heaven” Oil on sealed cotton rag paper 8″ x 10″ 2013. (here un-framed) or “Flying Monkeys”

Robotism Robotise Robotic…

“”ro·bot·ize [roh-buh-tahyz, -bot-ahyz] Show IPA
verb (used with object), ro·bot·ized, ro·bot·iz·ing.

1. to turn (someone) into a robot.
2. to convert for automated operation or production by robots or robot like machines: to robotize an assembly line.
verb (used without object), ro·bot·ized, ro·bot·iz·ing.
3. to adapt or become adapted to the use of robots or robotics.

Related forms
ro·bot·i·za·tion, noun

1925–30; robot + -ize “The term ‘robot’ was first used to denote fictional automata in a 1921 play R.U.R. Rossum’s Universal Robots by the Czech writer, Karel Čapek.”

By the time Dorothy Gale arrived somewhere over the Disney rainbow with her tin woodman, the US (WPA Federal Theatre Project) was mounting a production of Čapek’s play R.U.R. Rossum’s Universal Robots by the Marionette Theatre, New York, in 1939.

Application of supply and demand factory methods to civic affairs predictably produced a human robot, a cog or limited function mechanisms, with few freedoms and a gradation of responsibilities, at every level of society. Coins produced the motive action of human flesh. Coins were the “rewards” and the fundamental unit of robotic exchange; the military industrial complex supplied the “punishments.” Profits accumulated  in heaven. A Pavlovian behaviorist three-part mechanism. A p-n junction that produces currency; positive-negative = electrons; good-evil = profit; communists against fascists = profit; tribe against tribe = profit; male-female = profit. The Leafs play the Canadians and even though they never win, still there is profit;  Another good and evil mirror like all those relentlessly repeated on television and in other media. Competition on earth is profit in heaven. The three-part “money as power” system, as opposed to money as a flat medium of exchange, uses the golden black sun of fear the way a solar cell uses sunshine to create a current that is then always moved off to storage. The dark sun relies on covert undertakings, secret agreements, free trade, corruption, secret police, betrayal, torture, dissociative identity disorder, murder, technological advantage, mechanization, and especially military oppression.

A dark sun population will have too much in common with battery chickens and remain “in the dark” about world affairs. A fear based culture will confound freedom, free enterprise, democracy, free press, and frank discussion will not be the norm in a dark sun police state culture. The press will be corporate. The “latest thinking” from heaven will pervade throughout via top down pathways. Machines move on que, but, the “Tin Man” has no heart and he/she is not all that bright either. A corporation is a wealth harvesting machine and these know nothing of life yet all appear willing to leave important decisions up to the corporate device.

One, two, three. One, two, three. Left, right up they go. Action-reaction-result… is a process we can see everywhere today. In the hockey game example the “result” leaves the stadium in an armored car long before the game begins.


“There are concerns about the increasing use of robots and their role in society. Robots are blamed for rising unemployment as they replace workers in some functions. The use of robots in military combat raises ethical concerns. The possibility of robot autonomy and potential repercussions has been addressed in fiction and may be a realistic concern in the future.”

Mechanical indifference to all forms of life and human autonomy seem to me a greater cause for concern where machines of any strip or ilk are involved.

If heaven is the right word, heaven should be seen as a by product of civilization, cities, of a division of labour, and an artificial mechanism designed to benefit the chosen few to the detriment of the many called. A pyramid scam intended to supplant the god of the garden and of life (the great spirit) with an idolatry of lifeless wealth harvesting machinery, and a city of gold pavers in the stratosphere of a pyramid economy. “The Emerald City” you can see is completely surrounded by deserts.  “Nothing beside remains.” Nada.


The dark sun, gold backed city red team:


The Goldsmith, 1449, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Reward and punishment.


St. George of the military industrial complex.


The red Queen  Scarlet Woman
Holy Water Sprinkler

 Morning star

spiderBlack Sun of Terror, Murder and Torture


Fractional Reserve B.I.S. Central Banking


The City

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Bondage Market Jim


Annual Winter Money Robot