by alle55

“Widow Maker” Oil on shellac sealed %100 cotton rag paper. 8″ x 10″
Maybe Yayoi Kusama was right about mirrors.

In Canada arts organizations form bureaucracies that mirror the government funding bureaucracies that feed them. In fact provincial and federal governments will only distribute funds to a mirror bureaucracy or, more rarely, an individual with a penchant for filling out forms. It’s all about accountability they say. Accounting, they say, to the taxpayer who must be assured that the Champaign and caviar artists aren’t quietly moving hundreds of millions in tax dollars into off shore bank accounts. Bureaucracies that mirror government assure the public, we must assume, while consuming the greatest proportion of the millions in government funding for the arts that the artist is kept honest and on average, according to Stats Canada, earns $4000 annually from their art. The average sum of $4000 is kept somewhat artificially high by those lucky few artists in better neighbour hoods that do receive government grants while the rest of the artists spend most of their time and energy in one job ghetto or another. Governments can also assure Canadians that many professional artists file tax returns for zero and or negative income years. Governments in Canada sometimes wonder out loud why Canada has failed to develop a distinct identity and fail also to notice that Canada has, in fact, a purely corporate identity. Governments in Canada get their mirrors from a fun house

Con-artists confess.

1989 began a new phase in global security state operations that concluded twelve years later with the 9-11 2001 World Trade Centre buildings demolition in New York. George Herbert Walker Bush, former director of the CIA as well as director of the Council on Foreign Relations, was elected 41 st. US president that same year. His mother, Dorothy Walker, was very happy. Al-Qaeda too. George Herbert Walker Bush then placed a ban on importing certain types of semiautomatic (assault) rifles after the 1989 Stockton School mass shooting and suicide. At the end of his presidency in 1993 G.H.W.B. was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II: Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath like Ronald Reagan, Hiro Hito and Benito Mussolini before him. Gentleman soldiers.


In 1989 fifty years after Dorothy Gale had her gold paver walking slippers changed from silver to ruby by the Walt Disney Corporation and 50 years after the beginning of the end of modern art in 1939 the boggy man of Communism vanished with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the shoot out at the Tiananmen Square Corral. Corporate globalists no longer had a use for, good cop bad cop, socialist regimes and that same year began to organize and fund the “base” of individuals known as al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda, it turns out, is a corporation and reflects perfectly, like corporate Nazi and corporate Bolshevik socialism before it, the corporate accounting systems of big business, big banking and big government. Accounting to the penny expenses incurred during operations as though, like Canadian arts organizations, every expenditure recorded would be required for future funding procurements. Al-Qaeda with murder, terror, and accounting operations in 25 countries is requesting future funding from… who exactly? Who requires a detailed accounting of expenses before dispersing funds to a bunch of crazy ass murders with operations in 25 countries? Who, exactly, can afford annual expenditures for a global terror organization over a period of twenty-five years in twenty-five countries? How too, we should ask, do the activities of crazy religious murders consistently improve the situation for the central banker and his free trade arms dealers and security contractors; as did the Nazi and Bolshevik before them. The arms race has no finish line it would seem.

For the first ten years al-Qaeda received funds and training to fight Russians in Afghanistan from the US, Britain, China, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia . That oil/opium conflict ended with a Soviet withdrawal in 1989. Over the next ten years al Qaeda has a relation ship with the CIA that is more covert and difficult to follow through shell companies and “charities” and global intrigue but, the so called terrorists appear to be working in the interests of covert British and US foreign policy objectives in Bosnia for example. First Libya then Syria as another recent example of al Qaeda helping out central bankers set up new territories.

In 1999, two years before ground zero, George ””Tenet put forward a grand “Plan” for dealing with the al-Qaeda organization. This effort supposedly put the CIA in a better position to respond after the September 11, 2001, attacks. As Tenet expressed it in his book,[29] How could [an intelligence] community without a strategic plan tell the President of the United States just four days after 9/11 how to attack the Afghan sanctuary and operate against al-Qaeda in ninety-two countries around the world?””

Is that murder and accounting in ninety-two (92) countries now? Was the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet stretching the story a bit? A percentage of Muslim religious fanatics with arms trading, bombing, suicide bombing, arms procurement, and fighters in the field, as well as sleeper cells, and like the Nazi and Bolshevik don’t even bother to keep track of the numbers of dead, but, have an army of accountants to track every penny slipping in and out of off shore banks so they can file their year end tax return? What sort of, crazy ass, terrorist robbers and killers need accountants I wonder?


I wonder too, if there isn’t a connection between suicide school shooters, suicide bombers, dissociative identity disorder and CIA MK Ultra mind control projects. All MK Ultra records, but accounting records, were destroyed.