by alle55

 I recall a church that made a ruling, kissing the devils arse was punishable by death. After torturing a confession from an accused person they could then be burned at the stake. A curious thing I thought. If the love of money is the root of all evil and the devil is the personification of evil then is not corporatism an arse kissers pyramid? Capitalism an ass kisser paradise? A corporation loves only money and thus must be pure evil. If a person can’t quit their employment, just walk away, is their body possessed by some sort of a demon? I wonder.

 I wondered too why free trade agreements produce declining living standards from more productive labour and more rapidly vanishing natural resources and why homelessness becomes so popular in free trade countries. I noticed also that free traders get into to a wild celebratory frenzy whenever they sign another secret free trade agreement. Such a curious world is ours.

I can’t have been the only person to notice that corporatism/socialism is the best sort of thing for free traders, because it concentrates wealth in the social stratosphere where weapons manufactures, oil barons, angels and drug pedlars like to live. The old Babylonian butt smoochers ziggurat is still here and, by inflation, labour outside the “pyramid of deserving” will be pushed toward to a zero value again. Slavery, corporatism and free traders have long been intimates. In the southern US states free traders backed slavers; and in the soviet union free traders back slavery; Nazi Germany was set up by free traders and slave labour was very common.  The new and enormous U.S prison system is nothing more than corporate free trader slavery. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth scribbled into those secret free trade deals.

 Mystery, terror and death everywhere as freedom is scoured from every corner of the free trade earth.

Have the slavers fooled you? Or will it be “for the people by the people?”