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Month: February, 2014

Gift From Heaven


The Republic of Viet Nam coup:

“Within a week of the coup, the Vietcong had regained its direction and launched more than one thousand attacks. A communist spokesperson expressed shock that the Americans had appeared to support the removal of Diệm, believing him to have been one of their strongest opponents. The leader of the Viet Cong, Nguyễn Hữu Thọ termed the coup a “gift from Heaven for us“.[131] Some Vietcong officials were so surprised that the Americans would remove Diệm that they thought it was a trick. They felt Diệm’s removal was a blunder on the part of the Americans. Tho said “Our enemy has been seriously weakened from all points of view, military, political and administrative.”
 ““Madame Nhu, who was in the United States at the time, denounced the coup and angrily accused the Americans of orchestrating it. When asked about whether the US was involved, she replied “definitely”, elaborating that “no coup can erupt without American incitement and backing” and declaring that she would not seek asylum “in a country whose government stabbed me in the back”.[136] She said “I believe all the devils of hell are against us” and that “whoever has the Americans as allies does not need enemies.
“South Vietnam’s Buddhist majority had long been discontented with Diệm’s strong favoritism towards Roman Catholics. Public servants and army officers had long been promoted on the basis of religious preference, and government contracts, US aid, business favours and tax concessions were preferentially given to Catholics.[10] The Roman Catholic Church was the largest landowner in the country, and its holdings were exempt from land reform (i.e., appropriation). In the countryside, Catholics were de facto exempt from performing corvéelabour and in some rural areas, it was claimed that Catholic priests led private armies against Buddhist villages. In 1957, Diệm dedicated the nation to the Virgin Mary.”

Back in the USSA:

“Privately, the White House was elated with the result of the coup. In a staff meeting the day after the coup, advisers praised the generals for what National Security Adviser Michael Forrestal called “a well executed coup, much better than anyone would have thought possible”. Rusk wanted the generals to publicly announce that one of the major reasons for the coup was Nhu’s “dickering with [the] communists to betray [the] anti-Communist cause”.”

A lie.

“The U.S. conveyed to the French that they felt that military success was much more probable with Diệm and Nhu gone, removing the need for peace talks with North Vietnam.”

Twenty days later another obstacle to war was removed in the U.S.A. on Nov. 22 1963.

Buddha and the Free Trade investor smiled.


100 Years War on Democracy


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