Cain and Able

by alle55





Democracy and anarchy are the only politics tyrants fear. Democracy and anarchy are not concerned with the love of money or of power, but with liberty, equality and justice.

Corporations offer only socialist or fascist ponies in their political races and no difference can ever be observed or measured as both belong to bankers. “Of the people for the people” must be by the people. Central power, regardless of what sort of power it claims to be, will always be easily corrupted at the top by money wealth, thus central power will always be a pyramid with a corruptible top and a “just following orders” golem below, in short, it will be a military chain of command model. A corporate model and a military model are interchangeable to the extent that a “revolving door” exists between these two identical twins. St. George is the patron saint of monarchy military, corporations, of churches and of butchers; the patron saint of central power and of central bankers.

 St. George was and is also the patron saint of Hitler, Stalin, Goering, Mussolini, and The City of London Corporation who, along with other banks and corporations, financed the former. Stalin in turn financed Mao. As an aside and of interest, Franco suppressed St George in Spain, not because he didn’t receive the usual pro fascist funding from the Bank of England and assistance from MI6 and Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin. He certainly did.

Franco suppressed Sant Jordi in Spain, because, in Spain St George is the Patron saint of love and of literacy and not the Valentine sort of thing a corporate/military man can abide .

stgeorge14The free trade scam

The real talent of saint George though is that talent for saving maidens in distress; saving them from maiden devouring dragons I mean. It seems St George and his corporate friends finance the communist threat and the fascist generals that took over your, past tense, republic; the ones that stamp out your freedoms; kill off your democratically elected; and load the nations wealth on to ships in the harbour. One big St. George objective of WW2 was to turn the US into a weapons factory. The cold war, for example, then moved trillions of dollars from public accounts into private ones through weapons corporations while those same corporations called the political and financial shots in all nations involved, including the Soviet Union.

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