No al Qaeda in Ukraine

by alle55


Global class system.

No al‑Qaeda in Ukraine… just commies, nazis and free traders working in concert again to bring down yet another republic; the usual pattern over the last 100 years



“But to get the full idea of how ubiquitous these protests have become, look at Altamira, a small but wealthy enclave in the capital Caracas that has become a hotbed of opposition activism. Just a few steps separates the Canadian Embassy in Caracas from Altamira Square, the place that, for almost three consecutive weeks, has been a centre of protest, tear gas and demands by students and middle-class professionals alike.”

“There is a little group, a little rich group, but they are not the majority,” says Omar Gutierrez a resident of Petare, one of Caracas’s toughest slums.  We want peace and quiet and move forward with this government that has brought us prosperity.”


Those secretive free trade devils.