Canada’s Blue Revolution.

by alle55

Magic is the trick we do understand and play on others.


Stars of heaven.

“Al Qaeda-linked militants justified their takeover of a strategic opposition-held town near the Syrian border with Turkey by accusing the Syrian rebels who held it of being pro-democracy traitors who co-operated with Western officials like U.S. Sen. John McCain.

The ousted rebels “have called for democracy … which conflicts with Islamic teachings”

Aside from the fact that it is wrong to associate “the west” with democracy and stupid to fail to observe “the west” has destroyed every democratic republic on the planet over the course of the last one hundred years, the comments of “al Qaeda-linked militants” formerly, we are told, in the employ of the CIA is an interesting one and reminds us of a few historical facts.

You can recall:

The Bolsheviks were murderous anti democratics.

The Nazis were all murderous anti democratics too.

Communism is anti democratic.

Al Qaeda is pure anti democracy.

The Catholic Church is anti democracy still.

Aristocracy is 99.9% anti democratic.

Central bankers are caustically anti democracy.

MI6 is sneakily anti democracy.

The CIA is anti democracy to a very violent extreme.

A corporation is certainly not democratic in any way.

Oligarchy and monarchy for sure are not democratic.

Generals are not democratic by nature, but they can follow orders.

A military is an anti democratic structure.

Organized crime has the same structure.

Regardless of what sycophantic media outlets tell you, free traders and oil barons are far too rich, greedy and secretive to be anything but, anti democratic.


James of the human Bondage market… I kill for the Queen and The British Free Trade class system.


All of the anti democracy, free trade butt smoochers prefer a hierarchy and will use that word “democracy” only when they want something from you, but, they are all bullshitting you big time when they do. “For the people by the people” is the only democracy there is on planet earth. Greedy murderers will use that word democracy the way a magician uses a wand and hat. “poof,” your wealth and freedoms are gone and a bunch of your family members too. Free men have few friends these days, I would say, but ask your self, how smart is it to chase a currency that constantly devalues your self and your resources for foreign investors.

If you want democracy and the rule of law you will need a republic and what better place to start a republic than Canada? Canadians throw  that word “democracy” around like a farmer in a field.  How is it too that we go to war without a vote? Why are our politicians hand-picked by corporations and banks? Is that not corporatism? Socialism? Some Canadian monarchist politicians will hide under the Queen of England’s dress when you try to kick them out of office. Surely it isn’t democracy the Canadians have. Why not publish those free trade deals and we could have a look and a little vote on each bit? My guess is Canadians would be much richer without those foreign investor, free traders taking a lions share cut off the top; Much richer without their free trader inflation/wage stagnation scheme of devaluing people and valuable resources for their own personal gain; those tricky free trade frackers. Those oil and gas pipeline lovers.

Since signing, without seeing, the free trade contracts Canada’s natural resource extraction has gone from 25% of GDP then to 55% of GDP today. Minerals, forests, oil and gas are disappearing faster that anyone could ever have imagine possible twenty years ago. It almost feels as though the free traders are trying to clean the place out before the homeowners wake up. It’s interesting too the Canadian living standard has gone down not up as we would expect from a huge increase in resource sales to produce more income not less. A mystery.

History is an interesting thing. Did you know that Canadians chose for themselves the red, white and blue flag, signifying “from sea to shining sea” back in 1965 but, they were instead given the blood stained banner they now have signifying the 2 wars fought for Britain? The design came from George Stanley, a professor at the Royal Military College in Kingston ONT., but, after some limited parliamentary debate the choice was made by a comity of elite persons. Everyone knows how elite persons feel about republics.


 Canadians chose a republican coloured red, white and blue flag for themselves not because, they wanted or even knew what a republic was, they didn’t, and they didn’t chose the red, white and black German imperial colours that the James Bond market or Royal Military College might have preferred; that the German Bolshevik and German Nazi did prefer. They chose red, white and blue colours for their national flag as though they sensed deep down inside themselves, that in the distant future say, 50 years after 1965, they would be forced to kick out the free trade robbers and become a proper republic rather than continue on as an imperial robot arm loading Chinese ships with valuable trade goods in exchange for drugs and plastic garbage products.

I wonder Alice, though the question would have been important at the time and may still be, why our Canadian press has never asked, “How many European free trade Nazis went straight into the R.C.M.P. after the Second World War?” None? Some? Many? Is it a national secret? We do know the RCMP was involved in finding new identities for some known Nazis and that Canadian immigration officials felt “pressured from above” to let known Nazis in. Thousands of them I recall.  From above, in this case, probably means up in heaven or at least somewhere over the rainbow.  The infernal city perhaps?

Free Trade sounds nice, but what exactly is it? How exactly do the free trade pirates divide the loot? Who gets what I mean? Cui bono?

Why all those bodies and who should be arrested?