Pop Culture

by alle55


concept drawing…

Despite what many professionals will tell you, culture is the simplest sort of thing to understand, either you make and own it yourself or you purchase it from someone else. That is the most important thing to remember about culture. Popular culture refers to culture produced by a population; by the people; by themselves; not by an entertainment corporation in London, New York, Paris or, and god help us, Beijing.Corporate culture comes from a vending machine, it is a mechanical feast of sounds and visions, but not your sounds and visions, and not your culture. It’s from away. Though you did not notice it, popular culture is presently manufactured in economic heaven and handed down to everyone  in hell, regardless of which part of hell they reside in, and with other than an entertainment objective, though you may feel entertained it is actually something else. You will also eventually admit that the radio, televised, downloaded and conveniently piped in culture you think of as your own is in fact not a neutral offering. It has conviction persuasion strings attached to it; it tells someone else’s story to convince you of the worthiness of someone else’s viewpoints; which you then take on as your own. It is not pop culture. Popular culture is population based and locally made.

 “…what passes as popular culture manifests itself in television, films, journalism, publishing, music, museums, galleries, and amusement parks, all of which are bureaucratic and professionalized in form, most of which are almost always directly or indirectly dependent on the state, and all of which claim to provide for the people a culture that is so superior to what the people can produce for themselves that no one needs to worry about producing their own.”

Samuel Todd Francis

  Drug culture isn’t pop culture either, the drugs are manufacture elsewhere as are the sounds, arts and fashions associated with drug culture. The populations of global drug culture only manufacture the profits of the drug culture, and a portion of these are then turned back into manufacturing all of the sights and sounds of a drug culture . The situation is exactly the same, albeit with modified appearances, in the global sports/alcohol culture. What you have been calling “pop culture” is in fact corporate culture and that is a very different thing. Corporate culture is a military officers culture, some say an MI6 culture, a violent culture, high death toll culture. Drug culture is corporate culture.pyra015 Military culture is a camaraderie of socialist ordering, with all of the wages and benefits of new deal socialism, and everyone in the deal following orders that come from somewhere else; from above; from the golden heavenly host; in the basement of the Bank of England usually. It is a pyramid culture you have then; a funeral pyre. Wherever Pharaoh goes death and the desert will follow.


“Pharaoh” written by Boleslaw Prus, was old mass murdering Joe Stalin’s favourite book. A co-inky dinky. “Hitler considered the Bible the world’s most significant work.” and there is a lot of story about Pharaoh in the Bible. Grain empires collapse when they exhaust the grain calorie supply and can no longer pay the troops their daily bread and beer to “manage” the wealth and prevent people from being independent. Opium is once again the opiate of the masses, “helping” people live normal lives despite social costs and enriching the investor no end.

The modern use of the term designer drug was coined in the 1980s to refer to various synthetic opioid drugs, based mostly on the fentanyl molecule (such as α-methylfentanyl).[5] The term gained widespread popularity when MDMA(ecstasy) experienced a popularity boom in the mid-1980s. When the term was coined in the 1980s, a wide range ofnarcotics were being sold as heroin on the black market. Many were based on fentanyl or meperidine. One, MPPP, was found in some cases to contain an impurity called MPTP, which caused brain damage that could result in a syndrome identical to full-blown Parkinson’s disease, from only a single dose.[6] Other problems were highly potent fentanyl analogues, which were sold as China White, that caused many accidental overdoses.

1980’s saw a dramatic increase in drug proscription/prescription for depression and anxiety “disorders.” A trapped animal, it is known, will exhibit first anxiety and then depression.