Transhumanism #2

by alle55


“Machine and market” study for oil on cotton rag paper.

Transhumanism not to be confused, as intended, with transhumance, the semi-nomadic life style of land stewardship in place on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years before Pharoah came up with his bright idea; but, should be confused with the vampirism scribbled into existence  by the ritual  that created first British corporation and the mechanical bride.

“Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”  


R.A. Fisher Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College London

 The Borg Queen is the fruit of “The Royal Protocol;” she is “the bride stripped bare by her bachelors even;”  the “mechanical bride;” the reoccurring singularity. The Borg Queen is the non binary personification of the machine substitute reality. Many will like to think and believe they took the “red pill” and there is now, thanks to science, a self test for which pill you took. Try to unplug yourself from the tubes and wires;  just walk away from all of them. Can you?  If not you didn’t get the red pill. Now, a deal with the devil has a price and we all know what that price is. The hybrid human robots of planet earth will have no souls for all of eternity; that’s the deal Dorothy. A machine has no soul.

The two “ancient universities” are frequently jointly referred to as “Oxbridge” both are in East Anglia of climate gate fame, and, in the USA we have Yalvard, all four universities exert and influence… but, the question in the end will be, how much of the global food supply and world militaries do graduates of these four institutes, of hypnotic self congratulations, control.

“dreamed up by a group of men in whom insanity was mixed in equal parts with craftiness, paranoia with guile, and villainy with sadism.” Hans Eysenck

Eysenck was referring to Nazis when he said those words, but he could easily have said the same of his diabolically clever, pro Nazi eugenics friends in The British Eugenics Society. I would prefer to know people were interested enough in their own fate to do a bit of research from time to time, but, I know too how busy you all are, so, I’ve included links, as usual, for those who have an inclination to do a bit of reading.


The very briefest account that can be made of The British Eugenics Society is to say it is largely made up of a golden circle heavenly lords hell-bent on controlling the poor in as many ways as might be necessary. Of course they (the lords) would protest much at that statement, so some more detailed account is needed here to support the point. It is true that the eugenics society was not only the Knight Commanders of the British Empire; Most Excellent Order of the British Empire; Officer of the Order of the British Empire; Order of St Michael and St George; not only members of the Royal Society (s)  of this or that, yes, there were lessor others.  The colonies had their laws and members of the self congratulations societies as late as 1978, in  Canada, Australia and The United States of America undertaking involuntary sterilization and incarceration of those deemed “unfit.” The Galton Institute is still active today. Germany, of all the Germanic language speaking countries excelled, however.


In Germany, we have Alfred Ploetz, (August 22, 1860 – March 20, 1940) Vice-president of the British Eugenics Society and big Darwin fan.  In 1916 Ploetz coined the term “racial hygiene;” he believed in Nordic race superiority; was instrumental in setting up the eugenic ideas and policies of the Nazi Party in Germany as well; set up in 1905 the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rassenhygiene” (German society for Racial Hygiene.) Ploetz believed Hitler would bring eugenics into the world mainstream. Hitler and the Nazi party liked Alfred Ploetz too and he was appointed to the

“expert advisory committee for population and racial policy,” along with Fritz Lenz, Ernst Rüdin and Hans F.K. Günther. “

This expert advisory committee had the task of advising the Nazis on the implementation and enforcement of legislation regarding racial and eugenic issues. In 1936, Hitler appointed Ploetz to a professorship.” Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize 1936 A supporter of the Nazi party since 1933 Ploetz officially joined the Nazi Party in 1937 after receiving a professorship at the University of Munich. Ploetz altered his views regarding Jews dramatically from:

The high aptitude of the Jews and their outstanding role in the progress of mankind considering men like Jesus, Spinoza, Marx has to be kindly acknowledged without hesitation… All this Antisemitism is a flop which will vanish slowly in the light of scientific knowledge and a humane democracy” Alfred Ploetz


“He stressed that the distinctiveness of Jews indicated that their mental characteristics would adversely affect Aryans by introducing individualism and lack of love for the military and the nation.”

“Introducing individualism and lack of love for the military” thus this assault on human robots would impair eugenic/transhuman aspirations. This brings us to the another aspect of eugenics, that dovetails with the those mentioned earlier, that being, programs designed to weed out undesirables from the gene pool. Aside from the fact that the gene pool isn’t the private property of British aristocracy there is an inclination to select or target others for sterilization or “family planning.”


By reviewing the “prominent members of The British Eugenics Society” (links provided below) you can confirm for yourself that none of the prominent members of the Galton Institute (The British Eugenics Society) have ever recommended sterilization for the British aristocracy, or any aristocracy anywhere in fact, despite the high incidence of mental illness and defects in that group. Not only mental and physical ailments, but a peculiar and consistent pattern of involvement with people charged with crimes against humanity. At least one member of The British Eugenics Society, Christopher Richard Brand an Oxford grad, argued in court (In October 1996) that a pedophile is not a danger to young boys provided the boys and the pedophile have a high I.Q.  Charles Darwin inspired Sir Francis Galton to create the psychometrics field that Christopher Richard Brand was a researcher in.


On the one hand we have an enhanced group of individuals applying a technological advantage to the un-enhanced regular folk and removing the ordinary fellows resources and forcing assimilation into the work force if the poor devils survive the onslaught, and on the other hand enhanced, advantaged, eugenic individuals snipping away at the normal peoples reproductive gear as if they were farm animals. As usual, like the atom bomb, “for the good of all man kind.”


You can confirm for yourself with any of the links provided below that the British Eugenics Society is composed of persons with many titles and degrees, remains active today, and, all in all the cleverly stupidest bunch of people I’ve ever heard of. The British Eugenics Society:


Sir Henri Deterding. (Royal Dutch Shell ) wasn’t a eugenics society member, but, did much to finance the worlds most famous racial hygiene practitioner, Adolf  Hitler.

Big oil and Banks