Funeral pyre ant hill

by alle55

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Love is the opposite of fear.

The love of money on the other hand is only fear and so it is, cutting out a victims heart as an offering to the god of fear, molestation and torture is what the pyramid builders were on about. Destroying their only dangerous enemy, love.

“Golden shiner headed for the basement”

Catholic leaders of fascist dictatorships in Europe:

Belgium’s Leon Degrelle

Bohemia-Moravia’s Emil Hacha

Croatia’s Ante Pavelic

Germany ‘s Adolf Hitler

Italy’s Benito Mussolini

Portugal’s Antonio Salazar

Slovakia’s Fr. Josef Tiso

Spain’s Francisco Franco

Sudetenland’s Konrad Henlein possibly switched to Evangelical

Vichy-France’s Pierre Laval

Vichy-France’s Henry Petain