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Evolutionary Synthesis 

The British Eugenics Society (Galton Institute) transhumanist and other Nazi, Bolshevik instigators will tell you that God, creator of all the sparkling, fizzling universe, the all powerful one, got it wrong when creating the human being from dust; when creating the earthly garden paradise. They contend that god didn’t mean to create a self reliant independent being living in harmony with paradise, but rather meant to create a bio robot worker class and a police robot security class in a huge, big, everywhere, pay as you go work camp; that an almost uncountable number of oxygen making trees were in fact meant to be toilet paper and corporate junk mail.  

They will tell you that God couldn’t get things right without the constant assistance of the forever and always self congratulating un-tortured folks at Harvard, Oxford, Yale and Cambridge etc…. Clever clogs of the British Eugenics Society won’t ever give up on filling basements with gold bars as God, they contend, must have intended and would have liked it to be. Having thoroughly botched the job, God’s creation now needed violent guidance in keeping work flow moving along; that a continuous destruction of god given beings was now unavoidable, necessary and is it’s self an excellent source of work/cash flow. Some feel that the A morality of money is an invitation to immorality for people, and they are wrong.

The secretive, military, psychiatric, dystopian London transhumanists (Travistock-MK Ultra) contend that the god given “free will” brain is defective and in need of intervention and genetic remaking to help the new world Borg to “balance their chemistry” and love their slavery. In short, Lucifer’s wet dream is a triumph over free will and natural order. Psychiatry the new religious and economic foundation overlord.

The “not-good bad-place” crowd persist on the “shining futurist path” of the iron heel to transform the god given into a synthetic big box enclosed void. Entertainment yes, culture and freedom no.

To recap: 6 to ten thousand years of Pharaoh, with plenty of help from various religions, wears off; Free Mason Darwin, just in time shows up with Anglo Saxon biology; Freemason, Free Trade economist “Marx” scribbles up the new workers work out; the British Eugenics Society provides the new explanation for gods blunder; Nazi ‘s and Bolsheviks slaughter millions and psychiatry is invented as the best new invader of private property. An entire additional new class of people tell us what is normal and what god really wants. God wants a technology police state and a “globalized” government; the “new Jerusalem.”  Free mason Francis Mawson Rattenbury and his ilk concurrently set about building it. Free Trade and Free Mason Darwinists form the British Eugenics Society to push Psycho Eugenics onto the rest of the world world like and explosion overturning every other order. An Anglo Saxon invasion backed by foundation money.

The origin of the Human Genome Project (HGP) in Nazism and Darwinism and British Eugenics Society Transhumanism ( H+) is skipped over in the current history of the project as presented by Wikipedia. The lineage is thus: Darwin, British Eugenics Society, Alferd Ploetz and his brother in law Ernst RudinFritz Lenz, and Hans F.K. Günther all conspire to create the race laws of Nazism as well as a theory of genetic origin for mental illness and the notorious Action T4 program developed in psychiatric hospitals and then used in stationary facilities of industrial killing camps.

 “Over time, the selections increasingly included political or other persecuted peoples, Jews and so-called asoziale. Pursuant to the general guidelines of the Bavarian police, August 1, 1936, those to be taken into “protective custody” were “gypsies, vagrants, tramps, the “work shy”, idlers, beggars, prostitutes, troublemakers, career criminals, rowdies, traffic violators, psychopaths and the mentally ill.”

“Life unworthy of life,” being decided by … a comity of individuals unworthy of deciding.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics, and Human Heredity and Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in Munich (Rudin, Kallmann, Mengele and others) were paid for with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation; exactly the same people who paid to have Diego Rivera Paint communist murals in America. The same people who arranged for Balfor and Milner to acquire a mandate in Palestine and hand it over to that other new creation Israel. The people behind the Bolshevik revolution. Of that tiny group of people behind the UN all the lone mad man dictators …  exactly who should be charged with the crimes they commit? Puppets, puppet masters or both?

Not mentioned in most literature on the T4 program is Franz Josef Kallmann  a psychiatrist and student of Ernst Rudin who left for the US in 1936. Kallmann developed the use of twin studies that Josef Mengela became famous for. Kallmann was also a founder of the American Society of Human Genetics in 1948.  ASHG is a “global” genetics professional organization

On January 2, 2008, the American Society of Human Genetics released a statement on direct-to-consumer sales of genetic tests, calling for improved standards and for oversight by the Federal Trade Commission to insure the accuracy and validity of genetic testing and sales claims.
As the field of human genetics has expanded, ASHG has founded additional organizations within its membership body, including the following:

, founded in 1979, as an advocacy group for the nascent field of genetic counseling.

  • American Board of Medical Genetics

, founded in 1981, to certify practitioners in human genetics.

  • American Board of Genetic Counseling

, founded in 1991, to certify genetic counselors.

, founded in 1991, as a specialty board for medical geneticists at the doctoral level. It achieved full membership in the Council of Medical Specialty Societies in 1993.

Genetic counselors now, no longer the Euthanasia genetics (Eugenics) but “genetic counseling” No longer loading undesirables into mobile gas vans and custom built stationary chambers, now it’s custom genetics. Oh merciful me, isn’t that clever.

 The first president of the ASHG worked on the Manhattan project as well as did other members:

 Hermann Joseph Muller 

ASHG president 1952 (or H. J. Muller) (December 21, 1890 – April 5, 1967) was an American geneticist, educator, and Nobel laureate best known for his work on the physiological and genetic effects of radiation (X-ray mutagenesis) as well as his outspoken political beliefs.[2] Muller frequently warned of the long-term dangers of radioactive fallout from nuclear war and nuclear testing, helping to raise public awareness in this area. [AND] “a proponent of eugenics; the connections between biology and society would be his perennial concern.”

In 1914, Julian Huxley (transhumanist) offered Muller a position at the recently founded William Marsh Rice Institute, now Rice University; he hurried to complete his Ph.D. degree and moved to Houston for the beginning of the 1915-1916 academic year (his degree was issued in 1916.)

Franz Josef Kallmann ASHG president 1952 and Nazi T4 program designer to 1936.

Clarence Oliver ASHG president 1953 and was a student of Muller’s.

James V Neel ASHG president 1954 was an important geneticist in the study of radiation effects (ADCC) on the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Dr. Neel also set up a clinic to council “patients” on genetic diseases.

“His involvement in this fieldwork came under heavy scrutiny and criticism in the Darkness in El Dorado controversy, a scandal in anthropology that broke in 2000 involving numerous allegations of unethical research that threatened serious damage to Neel’s reputation, despite the fact that he had died months earlier.”

C. Nash Herndon ASHG president 1955 and founding member of the Human Betterment League.

“The Human Betterment League has been criticized historically for its role in the sterilization of men, women and children, White, Black and Indian, who were deemed inferior by society’s elite in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.”

Many geneticists through to the late 1960’s admitted they were practising eugenics and history records that this practise continued to be paid for by foundations like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Commonwealth and Pioneer Fund and Rackham foundations. Improving society by weeding out undesirables. 

“No parents in that future time have a right to burden society with a malformed of mentally incompetent child.” Bentley Glass

For any interested in this theme the entire list of ASHG presidents 1948 to 2014 can be found here.

While the lords and ladies of the British Eugenics Society are busy installing Hitler (Milner/Balfor,) other members Milner/Balfor) are creating Israel and concentration camps, and others again (Milner/Buchananare “managing” the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia there is a covert coup in the American Republic.

The point being made is that the agenda moves forward without ever missing a step and regardless of how many men, women, children and old people are killed along the way. It moves forward before, during and after wars. It moves on from exorcising imaginary demons to balancing brain chemistry to snipping away at “bad genes” with more or less the same techniques and results, never once being affected by the dance of carnage and death all round the world. The so called left “socialists” constantly advance the cause of the right.

Who’s agenda is this and who put these nitwits in charge of anything, is what we are wondering here Dorothy? Dystopia “not-good bad-place” of hell on earth and a heaven somewhere above where thoughts are managed along the lines of superficial, personal convenience and indifference, for the good of all man kind of course. The population control Gates of hell stand open today and on who’s door step do all the millions of bodies lay; in who’s basement the gold bars?


The invasion of others and attending poor management of their interests and resources pervades throughout any empire to varying degrees as a profound Luciferian constant. Unavoidably, the invader feels superior and therefore better able to manage the inferior persons god given resources to the superior ,master race, chosen ones, divine right to rule,  advantage that the inferior beings are too deficient to see the worthy necessity of. God could not have wanted these backward folk to have real wealth and well being of their own. If not this thinking then robbery and murder alone and neither worthwhile.


It might be convenient if there were a global synthetic currency for mismanaging the wealth of all nations to the advantage of the few, but, what of (genetic) synthetic beings? What of custom built humans tailored to their tasks; short, stout ones for cleaning sewers and tall ones for picking fruit? Specialization around a Myopticon.


This cartoon by Robert Minor appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1911. It shows Karl Marx surrounded by enthusiastic Wall Street financiers: Morgan partner George Perkins, J.P. Morgan, John Ryan of National City Bank, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew  Carnegie. Immediately behind Marx is Teddy Roosevelt, leader of the Progressive Party. (p. 211) fromWild boar .net