I am a 46 year veteran of the visual and performing arts; a 36 year veteran of the Victoria arts scene and a 25 year veteran of the so-called culture industry in B.C. and so far I remain, with few exceptions, completely unimpressed with corporate culture as it exists in British Columbia.


To examine again modernist art works rejected by the Nazis (degenerate art) reveals a pattern of interest to any who would revive the form and intention of modern art as a democratic vehicle or voice for every man, woman and child on the planet. Modern art was the very opposite of an elitist pyramid of competition with the chosen few at the top and the sinking masses below in the waves of obscurity.




New Modernism is an re-examination of the narrative of the god of the pearly gated condo community behind the clouds and the god of the garden. New modernism intends to put a porthole or two in steerage.

My process is a simple one, informed at the beginning with one or two verifiable historical facts blended with day-to-day observation in my own life and combined in a study drawing, after some refinement this becomes an oil painting or sculpture or whatever suits the idea, set in a semi-permanent medium. The resulting work is a record and transmission of the past and present to the future. For example a little known historic fact like MI6 involvement in installing Franco in Spain or generously funding Mussolini would start a process of combinations that result is a contemporary work. I might be reminded of a religious assertion that Satan was the “great deceiver” and observe some daily deceptions around central bankers and combine all of these elements into a drawing. Still, it would be wrong to say that my work is political  or religious in nature as I truly have neither politic or religion. In the example given it would only be that I have entered into the record a comment on the culture and nature of deception. Culture is the thing that interests me, religion and politics don’t.

Usually what you will find here is an oil painting, some bla, bla, bla about history and art and a storyboard segment for the Black Hand (puppet) Theatre. Mostly in that order too.