New Modern Manifesto

For any who may have forgotten or those who never knew:

“In general, the term Modernism encompasses the activities and output of those who felt the “traditional” forms of art, architecture, literature, religious faith, social organization and daily life were becoming outdated in the new economic, social, and political conditions of an emerging fully (oil) industrialized world.”


New Modernism, on the other hand, addresses the new economic, social, and political conditions of a single emerging global military industrial dictatorship of the world. The global security state.

New modernism is a re-evaluation of modern art in light of the disappearing freedoms that modernists fought and died for. New modern continues to articulate in a modernist manner if not style.


1.) A feast for the eyes is not necessarily food for the soul.

2.) The machine that is “the god of pearly gated community behind a cloud” has conducted a war against tribes and the garden since it’s inception; and, at the center of the machine is nothing at all, around which are successive rings of beneficiaries whose share in the enterprise diminishes as a function of distance from the center. The conceptual model here then is that of earlier pyramid cultures of the first heaven and earth and it’s motive is power/greed; this pyramid objective is the ultimate convenience of indifference to both the god of the garden and the garden it’s self. The god of the pearly gated community behind a cloud cares very much for gold bars, precious stones, and all manner of ownership. The political science of the second heaven then is nothing more than constant temptation, organized media boondoggle, robbery and murder. The economy of second heaven is robotic, hypnotic trance produced by currency and by the apparent motion of a logical sequence of penny stimuli supplying physical motive force for the war on the garden and all of its people. A penny imbued with power also produces, along with robotic behaviours, a complete physical, emotional and spiritual dependence in its adherents. Money as power is no longer a flat medium of exchange it has become a drug with the usual delusions and withdrawals.

3.) Despite what syncretistic and corporatist’s tell you a machine can not produce a living being culture; it can only produce a culture of the un-dead. A synthetic imitation.

4.) Freedom will not likely emerge from professional class specialization practices of the Myopticon. No communist or socialist dictatorship will ever produce freedom as these have been a central bankers play things all along. Thus we conclude: there isn’t a fucking “left” there’s only rich and poor, so get off your majority ass and vote for your neighbour and against the phony, rich, left |right ponies.

Therefore a modernist manifesto would need to include:

New modernism is freedom of (or from) religion.
New modernism is freedom of thought.
New modernism is freedom of expression.
New modernism is freedom of the press.
New modernism is freedom of speech.
New modernism is freedom from central money power. (fake money)
New modernism is freedom from tyranny of every stripe and ilk.
New modernism is freedom from surveillance.
New modernism is freedom from torture.
New modernism is non synthetic democracy.
New modernism is, like old modernism, freedom’s pike… in words and pictures.