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The Weaponized Naked Girl


m a n y f e s t o

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The 1976 film Network is the story of a failing television channel and its scheme to improve ratings by putting a crazy man on television. Howard Beale is driven out of his mind after he’s laid off to shield the bottom line. He is a widower, no real friends – a victim of the economic rearrangement of the 1970s. Promising to blow his brains out on live TV, Beale is suddenly the savior of the network as the ratings are higher than ever as a result of this outburst. He appears on television and delivers emotive appeals to his audience, reasoning that while he doesn’t know what do to fix the situation, he at least encourages everyone to “get mad”. But no mass movement erupts. Once his shares start to dip, the network assassinates him to pull their ratings out of the fire.

This is the usual synopsis you’ll receive.

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Condemned as Degenerate

Artistic Movements condemned as degenerate by Nazis:
New Objectivity

 Allen Patten

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After the war the remains of fascism went to key positions in North and South America. Military men began to infiltrate all aspects of culture.


Funeral pyre ant hill

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Love is the opposite of fear.

The love of money on the other hand is only fear and so it is, cutting out a victims heart as an offering to the god of fear, molestation and torture is what the pyramid builders were on about. Destroying their only dangerous enemy, love.

“Golden shiner headed for the basement”

Catholic leaders of fascist dictatorships in Europe:

Belgium’s Leon Degrelle

Bohemia-Moravia’s Emil Hacha

Croatia’s Ante Pavelic

Germany ‘s Adolf Hitler

Italy’s Benito Mussolini

Portugal’s Antonio Salazar

Slovakia’s Fr. Josef Tiso

Spain’s Francisco Franco

Sudetenland’s Konrad Henlein possibly switched to Evangelical

Vichy-France’s Pierre Laval

Vichy-France’s Henry Petain

Revolution From Above

Live by the sword.

Revolution from above, is social change implemented by a wealthy elite (golden circle of interbreeding old money) using clandestine methods. making for a bloody colourful history. The elite three-step: thesis, antithesis, synthesis; or action, reaction, result, or if you are into boxing;  fake with the left, a sucker punch with the right, and a knee in the crotch; it’s easy to detect once you twig onto it.  Looks like an interesting read too:


“Dr. Kerry Bolton shows how the supposed competition between Marxism and capitalism are, and have been, a fallacy, and that in fact they work together in close collusion.”

Transhumanism #2


“Machine and market” study for oil on cotton rag paper.

Transhumanism not to be confused, as intended, with transhumance, the semi-nomadic life style of land stewardship in place on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years before Pharoah came up with his bright idea; but, should be confused with the vampirism scribbled into existence  by the ritual  that created first British corporation and the mechanical bride.

“Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”  

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Pop Culture


concept drawing…

Despite what many professionals will tell you, culture is the simplest sort of thing to understand, either you make and own it yourself or you purchase it from someone else. That is the most important thing to remember about culture. Popular culture refers to culture produced by a population; by the people; by themselves; not by an entertainment corporation in London, New York, Paris or, and god help us, Beijing. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Trade Sucks



100 Years War on Democracy


“The investors manage the voters” study for- Oil on sealed cotton rag paper 8″ x 10″



Free trader: “supported opposition in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – See more at:

Left right, Left right

“Live by the sword…” 8″ x 10″ 100% cotton rag paper 2013


Falling Stars

Falling Stars

“Falling Stars”

In 1939, three years after the value of money in Europe eclipsed that of the sun and the same year a whirl wind dragon pulled Dorothy Gale over the rainbow, Xu Beihong painted “Put Down Your Whip” while staying in Singapore. Wang Ying, the woman depicted in this 57” x 35” oil painting  was a friend of his who became a refugee street performer after the 1931 Japanese invasion of Manchuria . The painting last sold at auction  in 2007 for 9.2 million USD and is “western” in its execution. Read the rest of this entry »